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What Does 'Making America Great Again' Mean to Data Privacy?


The Commander in Chief promises to “make America great again”. Issues like American jobs and national security are top priorities for U.S President, Donald Trump.

As his agenda begins to manifest, Toyota found itself in hot water. The car company was publically criticized by Mr. Trump for its plans to invest in a new plant in Mexico. Their stocks immediately plummeted by more than 3%.

Ford reacted by scrapping its $1.6Billon project in Mexico, deciding to keep its production domestic.

Companies are falling in line to “make America great again”.

While the automotive industry adjusts to the current state of affairs, what is to come for the digital world?

When the President turns his attention to national security, companies responsible for data storage will be targeted. Any brands imposing the expansion of surveillance programs, will fall victim to the Trump effect.

Companies like Google, Amazon, and AT&T will likely comply with his direction and submit user data.

We are entering a limbo of uncertainty. Any given day, whether we know it or not, cloud and service providers can choose to cooperate with government agencies and provide a back door for collected user data. 

There’s no telling where future rhetoric will be aimed. Civil liberties and privacy could fall as collateral damage in the name of “making America great again”.

There are solutions on the market that can protect you from the potential of organizations granting back doors. These solutions are modeled to assume the presence of snoopers and thus countering with a zero trust stance. While your data goes to service or cloud applications it is intercepted and masked, assigning random tokens to replace your personal data in a way that maintains the functionality of the application being used. All collected data is made useless to prying parties.

What makes America great is our Constitution and the amendments that give us liberty.  Let your rights translate over to your digital world. Continue using your favorite applications without apprehension.

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With CloudMask, only your authorized parties can decrypt and see your data. Not hackers with your valid password, Not Cloud Providers, Not Government Agencies, and Not even CloudMask can see your protected data. Twenty-six government cybersecurity agencies around the world back these claims.


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