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Cybersecurity Risks

Mitigate Breach Impact

You've seen masking before. It is used every day to protect online shoppers credit card information.

Now you can apply the same methods to mask any field across any number of applications. When a breach occurs, your data is meaningless to hackers, avoiding damage to reputation and impact on your customers.

Compliance & Control

Privacy By Default

Protect and track every data element across applications, whether it is on-cloud or on-premise. 

When compliance requirements change, fine-grained policy management lets you respond with a single click.


Security Certification

Common Criteria Certification

Common Criteria is the standard trusted by 26 cybersecurity agencies to protect their governments' most sensitive information.

CloudMask certification goes beyond strong cryptography (FIPS 140-2) to also ensure that data remains protected even when one or more of the following events occurs:

  • Insider Breach, including breaches by application root administrators.
  • Breach in Cloud and/or on-premise application server/infrastructure.
  • Breach in CloudMask management services/infrastructure.



Hold Your Own Keys (HYOK)

Your data is encrypted using keys that are under your sole control. Keys reside on your device(s) and are never shared or transmitted over the network.


Application Neutral Encryption

No need to change your applications. Running on end-user devices, CloudMask transparently intercepts and protects private data. Simply use your applications as you regularly would.


Independent Security Control

Protected data withstands vulnerabilities in authentication and access control systems.  CloudMask ensures that your security does not have a single point of failure.


Many Apps, Many Environments

Protect both your on-premise and Cloud applications. Your data stays protected as it is used across applications, organizations and different environments.