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Anatomy of Password-based Data protection – Part Two

Data Masking as a Solution to Password Weaknesses Password-based data protection is the most common form of data protection, but it is increasingly weak. If you think your data is secure because your organization insists on strong passwords, you are increasingly likely to be wrong. Better software tools running on powerful processors can try millions of character...

Anatomy of Password-based Data protection – Part one

What Is Wrong With Passwords-based data protection? Today, Password-based data protection is the foundation of 99% of data protection. It’s ubiquitous: you want access to an account or information, so you type your username and password, and you can get in. For critical and restricted information, you might have to do it again, with a different password. Your company’s...

How to protect your Gmail and Drive from surveillance, Google & when your login is compromised?

Over the years, Google has emerged as the world’s largest collaboration and business use platform. It has nearly a billion subscribers and a complete application ecosystem that comprises email, file storage, calendar, office applications and business collaboration capabilities. Most of these services can give small and medium businesses capabilities that match those...

Think Security Best Practices Can Keep Your Data Safe? Think Again

The application of best practices to a business process can give you the results you want. For example, quality assurance best practices result in the specified level of product quality and best practices in manufacturing reduce the number of product defects. Applied to data security, best practices can keep the data on your computer and mobile devices safe as long as it...

CloudMask provides end-to-end encryption for emails, files and applications. Only those you explicitly trust can decrypt and see your data in clear; Not hackers, Cloud Providers, Government Agencies, or even CloudMask. Twenty-six government cybersecurity agencies around the world back these claims.


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