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Effective Data Privacy Policies are the Key to Satisfying Privacy Laws

People in charge of ensuring data privacy policies have an increasingly hard task. Your employees want to use mobile devices to access data. Data storage in the cloud is inexpensive and convenient. At the same time you want to keep customer and employee data secure and you face tough privacy laws. The conflicting issues directly affect your business. If competitors have...

Incident Response Planning (IRP): 3 questions you should ask

If IRPs are mandatory to prepare for post-breach circumstances, organizations need to ask themselves these three questions. Data breach madness has reached a peak, as organizations slowly but surely discover one by one how no one is safe in today's cyberclimate. And experts universally agree that intrusions are inevitable, since attack vectors keep appearing in the form...

Today's approach to shadow IT: Make it a non issue

Thanks to modern technologies, shadow IT in full swing and IT departments are struggling to shine light on unauthorized cloud app usage. From malware to phishing, enterprise IT often turns to interesting terminology to identify and label cybersecurity threats. Shadow IT is no exception to this rule, as the phrase describes the unauthorized use of software, hardware...

CloudMask provides end-to-end encryption for emails, files and applications. Only those you explicitly trust can decrypt and see your data in clear; Not hackers, Cloud Providers, Government Agencies, or even CloudMask. Twenty-six government cybersecurity agencies around the world back these claims.


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