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Part 1: What are Cloud Risks and how to manage them?


This is the first part of 5 parts discussion where I will present the main risks of Cloud Computing and how CloudMask addresses those risks. I hope to receive your comments.

Businesses are often worried about security and control over their data as they plan a move to the Cloud. This worry is often justified because some risks have proven to be real. CloudMask helps you overcome these risks by its unique solution that allows companies of all sizes and individual to take full advantage of the Cloud while ensuring that they retain full control and ownership over their data. The CloudMask solution further allows users to continue using their existing solutions and management processes. Security is totally transparent to the user, and CloudMask technology ensures powerful data protection even as it permits your applications to work as before. All search, sort and index functions continue to be available on encrypted data without requiring any modification of the targeted application.

Risk CloudMask Response
Data Security CloudMask ensures that all data is encrypted before it leaves the end-device. This includes the subject, body and attachments of your email. Data remains encrypted even while it is being stored or processed. You are the only one that hold the key.
Government's Digital surveillance programs Encryption keys are retained by each user. This ensures that your data cannot be disclosed without your approval. Even if your cloud service provider complies with a legal order to hand over your data, he can only provide encrypted data as he has no opportunity ever to see your data in clear text.
Data Compliance
Data security regulations require that sensitive data is always encrypted when it is with a third party such as a service provider. Since the encryption keys are retained by the owner of the data, compliance requirements are satisfied.
Data Residency CloudMask forms a defining boundary between the Cloud and the end-device of each user. Whenever data exits the end-device, it is always encrypted, and the keys to the encryption are under the sole control of the end-user that owns the data. Data is not decrypted even during processing. Therefore, regardless of where the data is physically stored, the owner of the data always retains control because the owner is the only entity holding the keys to the encryption.

If you are a CloudMask user, you can move your sensitive data to the cloud and be sure that:

  • No unauthorized individual can handle it
  • Your data cannot be disclosed even to the government without your explicit approval
  • Your sensitive data is stored in compliance with HIPPA, HITECH, PCI, GLBA and other relevant guidelines.
  • Your data is stored in conformity with most global data residency laws

To summarize, CloudMask offers you best of breed solutions that are -

  • Simple
  • Highest Security Certification, FIPS 140-2 and (ISO/IEC 15408)
  • Ensure full application functionality
  • Permit users to work as before
  • Secure your data and email from the cloud service provider and the government
  • Secure your data before it leaves your end-device
  • Keep your data secure during its entire lifecycle (storage, transit and processing)
  • Ensure that your encrypted data can still operate in conjunction with other security, archival and access control mechanisms that follow complimentary procedures.
  • Provide total tracking and auditing

With CloudMask, you retain all benefits of cloud-based services (simplicity, accessibility, flexibility and scalability) while maintaining full control over your data residing in the cloud. This allows you to take advantage of cloud services while ensuring that the functions and rights of your local administrator, the administrator at the cloud service provider and your IT security personnel are clearly segregated.

Protection Under Breach

With CloudMask, only your authorized parties can decrypt and see your data. Not hackers with your valid password, Not Cloud Providers, Not Government Agencies, and Not even CloudMask can see your protected data. Twenty-six government cybersecurity agencies around the world back these claims.


Watch our video and demo at www.vimeo.com/cloudmask