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End-to-End Google Security with CloudMask

Protection Under Breach

Over the years, Google has emerged as the world’s largest collaboration and business use platform. It has nearly a billion subscribers and a complete application ecosystem that comprises email, file storage, calendar, office applications and business collaboration capabilities. Most of these services can give small and medium businesses capabilities that match those only possible at larger businesses.  Why then are small and medium businesses not taking the fullest possible advantage of Google’s service offerings? Why are businesses uncomfortable about trusting all their data to service providers such as Google?

The answer is simple. Business persons are apprehensive about storing their data in clear text on Google servers. It is well known that Google (and other similar service providers) read your data and emails to serve you targeted advertisements. After all, this is their revenue model. Also, Government agencies regularly order service providers to hand over user data, and when service providers are presented with a valid court order, they do not have any option besides complying. Users are also worried that the staff at their service provider could access their data.

If this is what has been worrying you and holding you back from using Google fully, then you must look at the CloudMask solution for Google.

What CloudMask Does

Using CloudMask allows you to use strong, military-grade encryption and secure your data on Google. Here are some specific examples -

  • Securing Gmail - CloudMask can secure your entire Gmail environment - starting right from the moment you begin writing your mail. It secures your mail drafts, your attachments and the body of your emails. Those recipients who are part of your CloudMask secured group will see your mail and its attachments in clear text, for everyone else, even for Google, it will be encrypted. Other email security programs encrypt email only when it is sent; CloudMask secures it as it is being keyed in.
  • Google Drive - you can encrypt and store your files in Google Drive. Only the persons you specify explicitly will be able to see the files in clear text. For anyone else, they will stay encrypted with strong military-grade encryption.
  • Security Certification – FIPS 140 is the US Government’s Computer Security Standard that specifies the requirement for cryptographic modules. CloudMask meets this standard. It is also compliant with ISO / IEC 15408 that governments of 26 countries use to certify the security of their critical information infrastructure.

Securing your data on the Google platform does not require any changes to be made to your Gmail application or to Google Drive. Obviously it is not possible to make such changes. What CloudMask does is ensure that the data you generate is encrypted in such a manner that the functionality of Gmail or Drive is not disturbed. Any authorized user or recipient you specify will see data in clear text. For all others it will be encrypted.

CloudMask Features

Built from the ground up with strong security in mind, CloudMask offers the following features -

  • Data is masked as you enter it. This ensures that even draft email is encrypted before you send it
  • CloudMask encryption ensures that you can continue to carry out operations such as search, sort and preview as before even though the underlying data is encrypted.
  • Only you control your encryption key. Your data is under your exclusive control. CloudMask engineers and system administrators cannot access your data.
  • CloudMask offers strong, certified, FIPS compliant encryption.
  • Administering your CloudMask secure group is easy. You can add or remove members at any time.
  • CloudMask can integrate easily with any standard Certificate management system your company uses.
  • Installing CloudMask takes just a few minutes. You can be secure in no time.
  • You can use CloudMask to protect your cloud based or premise based data. Also, you can choose to deploy CloudMask in the cloud or in your own premises.

CloudMask allows your business to use the best in class Google applications without any apprehensions. Whether in the cloud or in your premises, with CloudMask you can be sure your data is safe.

Protection Under Breach

With CloudMask, only your authorized parties can decrypt and see your data. Not hackers with your valid password, Not Cloud Providers, Not Government Agencies, and Not even CloudMask can see your protected data. Twenty-six government cybersecurity agencies around the world back these claims.


Watch our video and demo at www.vimeo.com/cloudmask