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CloudMask solves privacy and multi-jurisdiction secure collaboration challenges for the Canadian Federal Government

CloudMask to share best practices on data privacy and multi-jurisdiction collaboration with the UK Government  at Security and Policing 2015 LONDON, March 5,  2015, /PRNewswire/ - CloudMask, an innovator in masking data from hackers, today announced it will attend Security and Policing 2015, the UK's premier security and law enforcement event, to share best practices on... Details

CloudMask launches free tool to protect data from hackers

LONDON, UK, Jan. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - CloudMask, an innovator in masking data from hackers, today launches a free tool to enable consumers and small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to have control of their data security. CloudMask believes that every individual and organisation has the right to determine what data they would like to protect and what data they would... Details

CloudMask data protection under breach - BellStone Partnership

LONDON, UK, Jan. 15, 2015 /CNW/ - CloudMask, an innovator in masking data from hackers, today announced its partnership with Bellstone Consultancy Group, a trusted network of specialist security consultants focusing on the security and defence sector. Recent events including WikiLeaks, Stuxnet and Duqu are driving governments and businesses responsible for critical... Details

CloudMask launches in the UK to protect data in the cloud following new reforms

Zero trust model relieves security concerns about cloud adoption, data residency and compliance; new partnerships formed with Salesforce, IBM, Amazon and Entrust LONDON, UK, Sept. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - CloudMask, an innovator in data protection, today launched in the UK to protect sensitive information in the cloud, even in the case of a total breach. Following... Details

CloudMask data protection under breach, offers Canadian Government a solution to protect against Foreign Government Attacks

OTTAWA, Ontario, July 30, 2014, /PRNewswire/ -- The Canadian Government's Chief Information Officer confirmed yesterday that Chinese state-sponsored hackers have been found to be breaking into the networks of the National Research Council(NRC) - the leading research body for the government. Media reports say that there is a concern at the highest levels of the government... Details

CloudMask introduces Secure Data Masking for Governments

OTTAWA, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - CloudMask today announced a specialized version of its awarded innovative data masking technology focusing on the Governments' requirements. The new offering brings security, performance and scalability of the enterprise-class, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CloudMask solution to fulfill the requirements of Governments. CloudMask... Details

CloudMask provides end-to-end encryption for emails, files and applications. Only those you explicitly trust can decrypt and see your data in clear; Not hackers, Cloud Providers, Government Agencies, or even CloudMask. Twenty-six government cybersecurity agencies around the world back these claims.


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