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CloudMask Calls for a Better Approach to Private Data Protection at Sector 2014

Data Sovereignty Model not the right answer for today's data privacy challenges

TORONTO, Oct. 21, 2014, /CNW/ - CloudMask, an innovative Cloud Data Security Provider, is attending this week's Sector 2014 Conference and calling on government and regulators to be more explicit in their policy and legislation on data privacy. "Current Data Sovereignty policy is ambiguous, specifically, in its definition of private data. "Current policy does not provide a clear definition of what constitutes "private data," said Wael Aggan, CloudMask CEO. "Data that can expose the identity of citizens contravenes their basic constitutional right to privacy and needs to be kept secret. However, if we can anonymize the private data, in a way that does not identify the individual, then the citizen's privacy rights are protected."

The proliferation of organizations operating in the cloud in recent years has been an important development in IT. The potential benefit of broad adoption by mainstream business promises significant positive macroeconomic advantages. However, security concerns and privacy have suppressed the full deployment of cloud computing, specifically with large enterprise, healthcare and government organizations. The real key to unlocking cloud's full potential is to identify precisely, define what is private data and under what circumstances it will be legally considered protected.

The unique innovation that CloudMask brings to the market is called SIM (Selective Intelligent Masking). SIM analyses the private data and applies the best process to anonymized it, to protect individual privacy. Therefore, the data stored in the cloud is no longer "Private Data", enabling compliance with the policy.

CloudMask enables organizations to alleviate concerns regarding the location of their data in the cloud - it can reside anywhere. As a result, this unlocks the full potential of global cloud computing while being compliance with sovereignty and data privacy laws in all locations and jurisdictions.

CloudMask solutions have been certified to ensure that data stored in the cloud does not disclose any private information. CloudMask patent pending technology transparently anonymizes and encrypts data, before it leaves your end-device. CloudMask solutions allow you to make full use of the cloud while being compliant with data privacy regulations in all countries in which you operate.

CloudMask is a Canadian company offering data protection to secure sensitive data in the Cloud and on-premises. By anonymizing and encrypting private data before it leaves the end device, data is protected even in the event of a network or infrastructure breach. CloudMask helps you meet data residency and regulations, by applying the Zero-Trust Model, ensuring that encryption keys are under the sole control of data owners, independent of geographical location and type of application.