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CloudMask launches free tool to protect data from hackers

LONDON, UK, Jan. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - CloudMask, an innovator in masking data from hackers, today launches a free tool to enable consumers and small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to have control of their data security. CloudMask believes that every individual and organisation has the right to determine what data they would like to protect and what data they would like to share. High-profile security breaches, the cloud, and new data privacy regulations are driving the need for users to control who sees their data. The free beta is available today for securing email messages and attachments in Gmail. Additional packages will be available in the coming months for Outlook.com, Box, Google Drive, Salesforce and other popular cloud-based email and storage applications.

Users no longer have to be dependent on complex security solutions and secure gateways to protect their data. CloudMask Secure Gmail is the first free product added to CloudMask's award-winning enterprise-class security solutions to fit the needs of SMEs and individuals. CloudMask's offering is unique as it provides protection from the end device, not from the boundary of the organisation. It acts seamlessly across multiple applications both in the cloud and on-premise and is the only technology that can be provisioned in a self-service model without relying on technical specialists or complicated hardware implementations.

"We want to give users full control over managing their sensitive data. Normal email messages and attachments can be intercepted or hacked before reaching the recipient, or even while they are sitting in your inbox. CloudMask encrypts emails at all stages from creation to consumption – even if it is stored as a draft. Also, attachments in all formats including pictures will be masked from everyone but the recipient," said Wael Aggan, CEO, CloudMask. "As a neutral application technology, CloudMask works across multiple applications. The same installation will support a large number of applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Box, and Salesforce."

In 2014 it was reported that nearly five million Gmail addresses and passwords leaked on a Russian website. Luckily the majority of the data was outdated, but the breach spurred security experts to recommend tips for protecting email accounts. Suggestions include regularly changing your password and adopting two-factor authentication. These are good practices but with CloudMask, even if a hacker was given your username and password, the data would be meaningless.

The free beta can be downloaded from www.cloudmask.com/product to demonstrate the simplicity of the military grade software which is currently being used in high-security government departments. The pre-release works on the Firefox browser to provide total encryption of Gmail emails and attachments. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are expected to be added in the first quarter after the beta launch, alongside additional cloud-based email and storage applications. CloudMask is also developing a mobile application for users to seamlessly protect sensitive data on the move. Details on how to register and use CloudMask Secure Gmail are available in this video.

With 63 percent of smaller businesses currently supporting or planning to support Gmail*, it's important that they have control over the protection of their data. In 2011, Gartner predicted that cloud email would grow from 3-4 percent of the overall enterprise email market, reaching 20 percent of the market by year-end 2016 and 55 percent by year-end 2020.

"Communication and collaboration in the cloud are inevitable but has resulted in embarrassing moments for governments and celebrities alike," said Wael Aggan, CEO, CloudMask. "Data protection regulations will soon require businesses of all sizes to anonymise personal data in the cloud, and there is very little out there to help them do this."

About CloudMask

Winner of the Canadian Innovation Commercialisation Programme (CICP), CloudMask protects data in the cloud and on-premise, even in the event of a total breach. CloudMask's solution is based on a 'zero trust model' and works on the premise that no one can be trusted with data - including cloud administrators, governments, employees and even company IT administrators. CloudMask can track, protect and control access to data throughout its lifecycle - from creation, in transit, storage and processing to the point of consumption - enabling businesses to meet data residency and privacy regulations. Eliminating the need for special encryption gateways or VPNs simplifies the deployment process and achieves zero deployment cost, minimising time to implement. For more information, visit www.cloudmask.com and for CloudMask videos www.vimeo.com/cloudmask