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NATO Selects CloudMask as a Supplier to Help Protect Sensitive Information

OTTAWA, Ontario, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CloudMask is honored to be nominated by Canada and approved by NATO's Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) as one of their trusted vendors to help protect one of their most strategic assets, data.

During NATO's Information Assurance Symposium (NIAS) Cyber Conference (19 October 2017) in Mons, Belgium, the NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller, spoke of the vital importance of cyber defence when she  addressed industry experts by saying "Cyber-attacks are serious. They have the potential to undermine NATO's missions around the world and to hamper our ability to deliver collective defence. That is why cyber defence is a top priority for NATO and for NATO Allies," said the Deputy Secretary General.  "We have to be just as effective in the cyber domain as we are in the physical world," added Ms. Gottemoeller.

CloudMask CEO, Dr. Wael Aggan, commented, "Most cybersecurity solutions these days are designed to keep the attackers out, which, history has shown, is not a viable strategy. Then what is the solution in the world where our adversaries are stronger than us?" said CloudMask CEO. "I'm very happy that the NSPA approved the Canadian government's nomination of CloudMask to be on the list of vendors to help achieve the target stated by Ms. Gottemoeller," added Dr. Aggan

CloudMask takes a different approach to data protection; by focusing on the data itself, not where it is or who may have access to it. We ensure that data can only be seen by its intended recipients, and nobody in between – not the servers, not the cloud providers, not even your administrator.

CloudMask protects data both within the cloud-based applications and as data moves outside of then via email, messaging, file sharing, and more. Recognized by leading cybersecurity agencies worldwide, CloudMask's end-to-end protection claims have achieved rigorous Common Criteria certification.

About NSPA

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) is a customer-funded agency, operating on a "no profit - no loss" basis. The NSPA is the executive body of the NATO Support and Procurement Organisation (NSPO), of which all 29 NATO nations are members. Those nations are represented in the NSPO Agency Supervisory Board (ASB) which directs and controls the activities of the NSPA. Currently the Agency employs some 1,100 staff and is headquartered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Capellen), with operational centres in Luxembourg, France, Hungary and Italy.

About CloudMask

CloudMask has received Common Criteria certification, accepted by 26 government cybersecurity agencies around the world, CloudMask is the last line of defense, protecting data in the cloud and on-premise even in the event of a total breach. CloudMask's solution is based on a zero-trust model and works on the premise that no one can be trusted with data. CloudMask can track, protect and control access to data throughout its lifecycle - from creation, in transit, storage and processing to the point of consumption – enabling businesses to meet data residency and privacy regulations.

CloudMask had recently announced that it has been included in the Government CIO Outlook 's Top 10 Security Solution Providers 2017.

This is a continuation of our commitment to safeguard client information.