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CloudMask announces UK channel programme

LONDON, UK, 9 September , 2014 – CloudMask, an innovator in data protection, today launched its channel recruitment programme in the UK to support the company’s international expansion. By investing in the new UK programme, it plans to significantly scale its global business and continue to recruit partners across EMEA over the next year.

CloudMask is primarily channel focused and has an established and successful channel programme in North America with over 70 percent of business coming through partners. The company is looking to partner with trusted channel resellers in the UK specialising in security and data privacy.

Following high-profile data leaks and new reforms affecting data from the UK, CloudMask offers a ‘zero trust model’, a paradigm shift in how businesses and individuals protect information. CloudMask works on the premise that no one can be trusted with data – including cloud administrators, governments, employees, and even company IT administrators. By masking data from creation, in transit, storage and processing to the point of consumption, businesses can easily address security concerns about data privacy including residency and compliance.

“New legislation and a hike in data leaks needn’t deter anyone from adopting cloud technologies. A switch to cloud computing marks a decrease in the emphasis on systems and an increased focus on data,” said Wael Aggan, CEO, CloudMask. “We value the expertise that local channel partners bring, their knowledge on cloud computing and of vertical markets. We realise we cannot meet the demands of our customers and prospects without the assistance and support of channel partners.”

Gartner expects cloud-based security services to grow to $3.7 billion by 2016, with annual growth of 20 percent and the highest growth is expected in the cloud-based tokenisation and encryption segment. In the last eighteen months, CloudMask and its partners have worked with many organisations in North America focusing on the public, legal, financial and healthcare sectors.

“As Gartner points out, the demand for protecting data in the cloud is growing. CloudMask’s innovative technology allows our customers to focus on growing their business, knowing that no matter where their data travels, it is private,” said Pascal Bourgeois, president of Syner Solutiona. “In the short time we’ve worked with CloudMask, we’re already seeing fantastic benefits.”

Partners can enhance their security portfolio with CloudMask’s innovative technology, which is an alternative to special encryption gateways or VPNs. As data is encrypted from creation, it simplifies the deployment process with minimal time for implementation and zero deployment costs. CloudMask technology ensures that all existing applications continue to function normally and that data will never travel, process or be stored as meaningful data.

Partners signing up to the programme will benefit from a 20 percent margin as recurring revenue from the subscription based service. In addition, the company offers training and pre-sales technical support to partners.

CloudMask is the winner of the Canadian Innovation Commercialisation Programme (CICP) and is currently accepted to the Common Criteria Certification to meet the security certification required to operate with governments in 26 countries.

About CloudMask

Winner of the Canadian Innovation Commercialisation Programme (CICP), CloudMask protects data in the cloud and on premise, even in the event of a total breach. CloudMask’s solution is based on a ‘zero trust model’ and works on the premise that no one can be trusted with data – including cloud administrators, governments, employees and even  company IT administrators. CloudMask can track, protect and control access of data throughout its lifecycle – from creation, in transit, storage and processing to the point of consumption – enabling businesses to meet data residency and privacy regulations. Eliminating the need for special encryption gateways or VPNs simplifies the deployment process and achieves zero deployment cost, minimising time to implement.

For more information, visit www.cloudmask.com

CloudMask Videos: www.vimeo.com/cloudmask

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CloudMask provides end-to-end encryption for emails, files and applications. Only those you explicitly trust can decrypt and see your data in clear; Not hackers, Cloud Providers, Government Agencies, or even CloudMask. Twenty-six government cybersecurity agencies around the world back these claims.


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