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Higher education has high risk of data breach

Did you know that since 2005, higher education hacks were responsible for 35 percent of all data breaches and that there is at least on attack on colleges and universities every week?

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Higher education is a ripe target for hacker and cybercriminal organizations due to their large collections of personally identifiable information. This means they should have some of the best data protection techniques, right?

While colleges and universities aren't the worst at data security, these schools can step it up. According to SecurityScorecard, it takes the average higher education institute close to a month to patch vulnerable applications, and the 10 schools that scored the worst in cybersecurity ratings received an 'F' in password exposure.

Colleges and universities need to create layered security solutions with encryption as the last line of defense.

Otherwise, hackers will find their way into systems via vulnerabilities and stolen credentials and be able to access data. Encryption solutions like CloudMask prevent this by obscuring data, making it worthless to cybercriminals.

With CloudMask, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breaches. Insecure clouds and mobile devices no longer mean insecure enterprise data. And an insider with access to applications and systems can no longer see data.

Breach is inevitable; data exposure is NOT
With CloudMask, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breache

An insider possessing system access no longer means seeing the data

CloudMask Secure for Google encrypts your emails, drafts, attachments, and Google Drive.

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