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CloudMask Videos

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide!

CloudMask is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Using patent-pending methods, CloudMask, running on user devices, transparently intercepts and analyses data to identify and encrypt private information. The intercepted data may belong to a variety of applications, such as Google Photos, SalesForce, Box, and MS Office 365.


CloudMask Data protection under breach - Briefing

Our objective at CloudMask is to solve a problem that every business faces when it considers using cloud applications or services as part of the constant drive to improve customer experiences, differentiate from the competition, and minimize costs.


What is CloudMask?

Data breaches are inevitable, but data exposure is not!


Health insurer takes years to discover data breach

With the health care sector rated as the second most targeted industry for cybercrime, the hacking of health insurer Excellus BCBS isn't surprising. The time to detection is what organizations should be worried about.



CloudMask provides end-to-end encryption for emails, files and applications. Only those you explicitly trust can decrypt and see your data in clear; Not hackers, Cloud Providers, Government Agencies, or even CloudMask. Twenty-six government cybersecurity agencies around the world back these claims.


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