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The many holes of modern data security

Almost 50 percent of U.K. businesses admitted to experiencing a data breach in the past year due to a lack of necessary tools and practices.

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In a LinkedIn blog post, cybersecurity professional Tim Layton asserted that there are more holes in the majority of modern cybersecurity programs and processes than there were two years ago.

According to Layton, this is because the typical approach to cybersecurity is one-dimensional.

Instead of erecting an insurmountable wall, IT teams are stopping specific threats and sealing up vulnerabilities. With this approach, zero-day exploits will always result in a data breach.

The solution is to combine threat intelligence techniques with a last line of defense. Organizations should be aware of what's out there, but they also need to prepare for when the unknown finds its way inside networks.

With CloudMask's Data protection under breach, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breaches. Insecure clouds and mobile devices no longer mean insecure enterprise data. And an insider with access to applications and systems can no longer see data.

Breach is inevitable; data exposure is NOT
With CloudMask, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breache

An insider possessing system access no longer means seeing the data

CloudMask Secure for Google encrypts your emails, drafts, attachments, and Google Drive.

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