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Everybody’s Got Something to Hide!

CloudMask is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Using patent-pending methods, CloudMask, running on user devices, transparently intercepts and analyses data to identify and encrypt private information. The intercepted data may belong to a variety of applications, such as Google Photos, SalesForce, Box, and MS Office 365.

In doing so, the application receives meaningless tokens, instead of the original private data, which do not break the application functionality. Accordingly, the security methods are performed transparently, without requiring any changes to existing Applications.

As a result, CloudMask protects against unauthorized disclosure and vendor misuse of the data.
Also, these techniques also apply to on-premise applications, and accordingly allowing CloudMask to mitigate insider threats by utilizing user-owned keys (asymmetric key pair). Keys that are never shared or transmitted over the network. Only users/systems explicitly authorized by the data owner may use their personal keys to restore tokens back to their meaningful data.

Breach is inevitable; data exposure is NOT
With CloudMask, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breache

An insider possessing system access no longer means seeing the data

CloudMask Secure for Google encrypts your emails, drafts, attachments, and Google Drive.

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