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MIT report identifies problems with government IT surveillance

Government surveillance and backdoors into corporate networks, software and devices spell bad news for the average business.

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In early July, a group of cryptographers and computer scientists out of MIT released a report detailing the impact and unforeseen consequences that could arise if the government gets a backdoor into IT systems.

The MIT researchers explained that given the complexity of the Internet, mobile apps and modern enterprise IT, security flaws will be introduced if government agencies or law enforcement professionals create a way to circumvent encryption.

Furthermore, the report indicated that regardless of the technical vulnerabilities, laws about IT backdoors raise questions about control over tech, human rights and the extent of federal power.

Until a ruling is official, this is all conjecture. But the MIT report only stresses the importance of using data encryption solutions such as CloudMask, as the government could already be watching unencrypted channels and introducing vulnerabilities.

With CloudMask, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breaches. Insecure clouds and mobile devices no longer mean insecure enterprise data. And an insider with access to applications and systems can no longer see data.

Breach is inevitable; data exposure is NOT
With CloudMask, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breache

An insider possessing system access no longer means seeing the data

CloudMask Secure for Google encrypts your emails, drafts, attachments, and Google Drive.

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