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CISCO cybersecurity report stresses sophistication of 2015 threats

From Microsoft Office malware and Adobe Flash vulnerabilities to exploit kits and Tor clients, the 2015 MidYear Security Report from CISCO highlights the sophistication of the modern cyberthreat landscape.

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After conducting research for six months, CISCO has asserted that cybercriminals remain one step ahead of organizations relying on standard cybersecurity solutions.

Angler exploit kit, for example, has successfully been used on vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Java, Flash and Silverlight, while spam and phishing remain common threads in cyberattacks.

CISCO stressed the importance of a cybergovernance framework that focuses on protecting data from sophisticated threats and experienced hackers.

In order to ensure that data is protected from the numerous and complex risks to data security as listed by CISCO, organizations can turn to cybersecurity solutions such as CloudMask, which stresses data protection over threat prevention.

With CloudMask's Data protection under breach, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breaches. Insecure clouds and mobile devices no longer mean insecure enterprise data. And an insider with access to applications and systems can no longer see data.

Breach is inevitable; data exposure is NOT
With CloudMask, infrastructure breaches no longer mean data breache

An insider possessing system access no longer means seeing the data

CloudMask Secure for Google encrypts your emails, drafts, attachments, and Google Drive.

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