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Everything you need For Private Storage & Collaboration

Putting Keys In Your Hands

Compromised credentials? Cloud provider breach? Government surveillance? Your data is protected.

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Encryption Made Simple

Work as you regularly would. End-to-End Encryption that doesn't get in the way of your business.

World Recognized Certification

Don't take our word for it. Our security certification is recognized by 26 cybersecurity agencies worldwide.

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Protect Folders & Files As You Work

Work the way you normally do. CloudMask tracks which files need to be protected.

Encrypting Google Drive


Click To Protect

Simply choose which folder should be protected. Leave the rest to us.

No Leaks

Protect not just the file content, but also its name. Never leaking private information to Google. 

Secure In Every Circumstance

When files are fetched through 3rd party applications, they remain protected.

Confidential Cloud Storage

Compatible with all file types. Files can only be decrypted using your secret key; otherwise, files will be locked down with file names encrypted.

Confidential Google Drive Storage

Collaboration For Sensitive or Business-Related Documents


Control Who To Trust

Create a list of trusted contacts, with whom you wish to establish a secure channel for exchanging files. At any time, you can revoke a contact's access.

Secure Sharing

Your data is automatically encrypted for your trusted contacts. No extra steps required.

Communicate With Anyone, With No Compromise

Anyone you invite gets the same level of protection for their Google Drive account.

Sharing Sensitive Files GDrive

See For Yourself. Add End-To-End Encryption To Your Google Drive Account.