Everything you need to Communicate In Confidence

Protection Under Breach

Hijacked account? Compromised credentials? Network breach? Your data is still protected.

Secure The Whole Conversation

Protect your data even when recipients' email accounts and servers are compromised.

World Recognized Certification

Stay safe with CloudMask. Our security certification is recognized by 26 cybersecurity agencies.

Protect Data As You Work

Work the way you normally do. With one click your data is protected.

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Click To Protect

Simply click on the Lock button. Whether it is subject or body, any data you enter will be protected.

No Leaks

Every key stroke is protected. Never leaking anything to the application. Even if it is still in Draft. 


Attachments are automatically protected. Even their names are masked.

Secure The Whole Conversation

Once you send a protected message, any replies and forwards done by others are also protected.

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Communicate In Confidence

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Easily Send To Recipients

Your data is automatically encrypted based on the recipients. No extra steps.

Control Who To Trust

Invite contacts to join your trusted list. At any time, you can revoke their access.

Communicate With Anyone, With No Compromise

Anyone you invite gets the same level of protection, for free. 

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