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Everything you need to Protect Any Application

Data Is Moving Everywhere

Data moving across on-premises and cloud Apps? Rest assured it's protected even in environments you can’t control.

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Protection When Breach Strikes

Hijacked account? Compromised credentials? Government surveillance? Insiders? Your data is still protected.

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World Recognized Certification

Don't take our word for it. Our security certification is recognized by 26 cybersecurity agencies worldwide.

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End-to-End Protection For Your Data In Every Circumstance


Multiple Applications; On-Premise & In-Cloud

Protect your data within your on-premisses apps and as it moves to in-Cloud apps or via email and file sharing.

No Infrastructure

There is no need to deploy servers or change your application code. Simply subscribe directly from your end-user devices.

Dynamic Data Masking Protection

Mask data in real-time as it is generated. CloudMask runs on end-user devices to intercept and change sensitive data.


E2EE Protection For Your Data In Every Circumstance

Same Look and Feel, Different results

Enterprises and SaaS developers can embed our protection layer without the need to change their applications.

Same Look and Feel, Different results

Sacrifice None, Change A lot 

Maintain the full functionality of your applications. Search through encrypted data as you would clear data.

No One In Between

Only users you authorize can access encrypted data in clear. Without secret keys, everyone else sees unintelligible data.  

Toggle Encryption 

Selectively enable or disable encryption for a specific data field using your newly embedded lock button. 



As Easy as 1, 2, 3

With CloudMask, security does not have to be complex.


Pick What You Want To Protect

Let's us configure your application security policies.

Up And Running In Seconds

Set up CloudMask on your end-user devices in less than a minute.

Stay In Control

Easily modify applications and enforce policies across all users.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Get Started With CloudMask Protection