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Privacy Laws

Privacy laws may require organizations to store private data within the applicable jurisdiction’s borders. Depending on the jurisdiction, such data residency, or data sovereignty, requirement is intended to ensure that private data does not fall under foreign laws.

CloudMask replaces sensitive data with meaningless tokens, while encrypting the sensitive data using best-of-breed and the strongest available encryption algorithms.

As a result, the private data never leaves the user’s machine, instead tokenized and encrypted data which does not disclose any of the original data is transmitted and stored over the network.    Learn More


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Industry Regulations

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are expected to come into force in 2018.

The regulation will apply to companies handling data from customers in the EU, regardless of where the companies are based.

Potential fines are up to four percent of global revenue or 20 million Euros, whichever is higher, for companies that break the rule.

CloudMask Dynamic Data Masking (DDM), pseudonymised and encryption of personal data. The application satisfies the GDPR requirement for technical data protection measures. When a data breach exposes your data, it will be unintelligible to the unauthorized individual, and you will not have to notify the subjects of the data breach. With CloudMask you are compliance with GDPR and avoid Fines and Breach Notifications. Learn More

Industry Regulations

Depending on the sector, various Industry regulations require organizations to take precautionary measures to protect certain data when it is processed and stored. Examples include PCI DSS for retail, HIPAA for healthcare, GLBA for financial institutions, and ITAR for Manufacturing.

CloudMask enables organizations to meet these regulations through strong encryption, access control and auditing. By relying on user-based certificates, organizations can ensure a higher degree of authentication, and non-repudiation, thus a finer access control.

In addition, CloudMask enforces policy driven access control backed by a secure audit which monitors data processing activities and supports versioning and tracking of data changes.    Learn More

Organizational Policies and Governance

Organizational Policies and Governance

Organizational Policies and Governance

Independent of external regulations, organizations develop internal policies to improve governance and mitigate risks. While this is true for traditional applications, it poses further challenges with the increased adoption of cloud applications.

CloudMask enforces organizational policies by integrating with existing security framework and allowing administrator/owners to configure controls that can be applied across all applications.

Access rights and group sharing controls are based on the application, type of data, and the role of its creator. Thus allowing the organization to address specific needs – whether internal or driven by third party – on a granular level.

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