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Improve Product Transparency

Show customers product ingredients, sourcing and adherence to fair trade/labor and sustainability rules.


Reduce Cost Of Recalls

Pinpoint the exact defective batch and trace it back to sourced ingredient/part, avoiding costly product-wide recalls.


Ensure Product Integrity

Enable retailers and consumers to verify the product authenticity and detect counterfeits.


Support Industry Ledgers

Interoperate with the various Distributed Ledger Technology systems used by industry groups and large retailers.

TradeMerit Event Management captures data once and then reuses the same data across all messages and trading partners. All milestone events from suppliers, carriers and customs are captured, and integrated into various planning and alert systems

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What makes TradeMerit’s application unique is its combination of visibility and event management with the ability to define trade lane. It offers a visual workflow mapping tool to lay out the specific events and stages in a trade lane, along with who is responsible for any required document submission.

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TradeMerit delivered Internal Rate of Return of 472.47% and payback period of less than 2.5 months

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Real-time Demand Forecasting

Forecast demand and instantly react to fluctuations using real-time events from systems such as CRM, POS, and MRM.

Supplier Risk Management

Measure lead times, variance, and reliability to balance the cost and risk of competing suppliers.

Responsive Inventory Planning

Use lead times, risks and forecasts to optimize replenishment strategy; transfer, purchase or manufacture.




Cross-Functional Collaboration

Collect and publish master data and events across your organization, partners, customers, agencies, and blockchains.


Mitigate Risk Of Disruptions

Predict impact of disruptions and notify applicable parties. Evaluate the effectiveness of different remedial strategies.


Early Warning System

Detect discrepancies between actual and planned/historical events. Trace item-level details across the extended value-chain.


Improve Plans

Change plans to reduce risk and improve efficiency. Simulate “what-if” scenarios and estimate impact on cash flow, fulfillment, etc.

All you need for efficient value-chain collaboration


Industry Process Patterns

Get started quickly with ready-made process patterns designed for your industry.


Secure & Scalable Cloud

Leverage the simplicity and power of Cloud services while ensuring data confidentiality.


Business Process as a Service

Delegate process management and integration complexities to us.


Product Information Management

Synchronize product master data across systems, suppliers, and sales channels.


Approval Workflow

Create custom human workflows to review and approve transactions.


Analytics & Insights

Analyse data and discover insights using machine learning algorithms.


Exception/Disruption Management

Escalate alerts and assign resolution tasks when a disruption is detected.


Supplier & Customer Portals

Easily create customized portals and APIs for suppliers and customers.


Distributed Ledger Technology

Trace products on blockchain and push events to DLTs such as IBM Food Trust.

Process Optimization

Supplier Performance

Measure supplier lead times, costs and reliability. Determine when a secondary supplier should be used.

Demand Forecasting

Forecast demand and react to sudden fluctuations.

Inventory Optimization

Determine whether to transfer or order, and from where, and when.

Assess Changes , risk [what-if]

Simulate changes such as terms, trade lanes, and assess impact on cash flow, fulfilling customer demand, etc.


Curious How TradeMerit Works For Your Organization?

Our service quickly integrates with systems, partners and blockchains to create a single view of your value-chain.
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