The CloudMask Cloud Partner Program is available for the following entities:

  • Infrastructure/Platform-as-a-Service Providers (IaaS/PaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service Providers (SaaS)
  • Hosting Service Providers (HSP)
  • Application Service Providers (ASP)
  • Managed Service Providers (MSP)
  • Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)
  • Information Technology Outsourcing Providers (ITO)
  • Enterprises delivering PaaS/SaaS applications or managed security services to their end customers

The program supports service providers and enterprises’ ability to deliver best-in-class data protection security services to their end customers. As a member of the CloudMask Cloud Partner Program, CloudMask will provide dedicated resources and support to assist members’ business building efforts to sell value-added security solutions that generate a reoccurring stream of revenue.

Key Benefits of the CloudMask Cloud Partner Program:

  • Ability to meet end customer requirements for protecting sensitive and confidential information
  • Provide best-in-class data security solutions to help meet regulatory and industry compliance and reduce liability
  • Business/Go-To-Market model alignment, e.g., licensing and metering
  • Sales and technical enablement support
  • Access to training and professional services at partner rates
  • Joint marketing opportunities and communications support

The CloudMask data security platform provides a complete solution to protect data where it is most vulnerable, at the source. The platform incorporates encryption with integrated key management, data access policies including privileged user controls, security intelligence about protected data access, automation support for policy management and deployment, as well as multi-tenancy features.

Click here to apply to be a CloudMask Cloud Partner, or request an overview of the program.