A delicate balance

Lawyers communicating via email, file sharing, and other applications face unique challenges due to ethical and legal obligations.

Reputation is everything

Any breach of personally identifiable information will carry liability and can result in significantly damaged reputation.

Ultimate protection

National security letter? Breach of your cloud applications? Hijacked credentials? Your client’s data will still be protected.

“Customers hate custom portals and our lawyers do too. They are just too cumbersome and result in lawyers often just turning to email and file sharing to collaborate with clients. We knew that was a ticking time bomb from a privacy standpoint, so we turned to CloudMask for an additional level of protection for our cloud-based data and applications. Now our lawyers can collaborate with confidence and efficiency in the cloud with their clients.”

Jacques McPherson, Allen & Overy

Everything you need to protect your client’s information


Unmasked for Trusted Contacts

You decide who to trust. Shared data appears as usual to trusted contacts. Behind the scenes, CloudMask unmasks the data.

Masked for Anyone Else

Anyone other than your trusted contacts sees gibberish. Even cloud application providers such as Google, Microsoft, and Clio can't see your data.

Only You Hold The Keys

Your data is protected using your secret keys. Keys reside only on your devices and are never transmitted over the network.

Protect your data even under breach

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Protected Inside and Out.

Only CloudMask protects your data both within your cloud-based applications and as your data moves outside of them via email, messaging, file sharing, and more.

Explicit Trust

Only you and individuals you’ve identified see your data and nobody else along the way – not applications, not gateways, not system administrators, not even CloudMask.

Worldwide Recognition

Recognized by 26 leading cybersecurity agencies worldwide, CloudMask’s end-to-end protection claims have achieved rigorous Common Criteria certification.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Up And Running In Seconds

Set up your CloudMask account in less than a minute.

A Single Click To Turn Protection On

Use your application as usual. Simply click on the CloudMask Lock to mask your data.

Share Without Any Extra Steps

CloudMask automatically detects who you wish to share the data with.

See for yourself by creating your free account now