Easily Protect Contacts, Matters & Other Records

Whether it is a Company, Person, Matter, Bill, or Task, you control which fields and which records should be protected.

CloudMask for Secure Clio - Protecting Matter


Single Click To Protection

Simply Click on CloudMask Lock icon to turn masking on. Unmasking works the same way, just click again to unlock.

Field Level Protection

Lock next to a field indicates that your policy is taking effect. You can easily change your policy at any time.

Mask Existing Records

Open an existing record, click the Lock icon, and save. It is now masked. It is that simple.


Communicate In Confidence


Protect folder & documents

Easily define which Folders to protect. Documents uploaded under these folders are automatically protected.

Easily share protected data

Communicate and share protected data with your clients. No one except you and the client can see the data.

Data protected under breach

If you or your client's application is breached, data remains protected with your secret keys.

Filter & Sort Protected Contacts

With CloudMask's unique Masked Searching, you can still filter and order protected records.

CloudMask for Secure Clio - Search - Sort

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